PBB TEEN CLASH 2010 - ABS CBN Violates Rights of Children and Minors


Don't you guys think that tonight's ep is kind of violating Tricia's rights? for her case to be broadcast on NATIONAL TV, I do not think that that thing would be of real help to her...

Confidentiality ay isa sa rights ng isang client sa loob ng isang relationship with a health care provider... The doctor is the health care provider and we can say that Tricia is the client since may problem na gustong masolusyonan about Tricia...pero sa tingin ko it was very UNETHICAL for them to release her Personality Disorder Case sa National TV...very UNETHICAL lalo na kung they have not asked permission from TRICIA's guardians to release such statements...

Oo nasa side na tayo na para to sa ikabubuti ni Tricia BUT don't you guys find it scary to be branded like that without you knowing it pero buong Pilipinas alam? grabe...ewan ko na lang kung talagang desperate PBB sa ratings pero they're so abusing that child's rights...



I just hate how the people surrounding her doesn't understand her...they probably feel that Tricia has a strong fanbase because she's beautiful...they do not understand that we are capable of seeing beyond someone's beauty...

I'm honestly hurt now, I think I might cry...

I'm not taking it personally against the Teenters...I just can't believe how they chose Joe as the BW when he's the number 1 virus in the house..he has contaminated everything and everyone in villa...He's an OROCAN and BB should not mislead the teenters into believing that Joe is the deserving BW because that is definitely Bul*sh*t!!!!!

They should play the RACIST song of JOE and all his backstabbing sessions, and then let teenternational decide. 


Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 RACISM ISSUE


Pinoy Big Brother - PBB TEEN CLASH 2010 TOLERATES RACISM Inside Pinoy Big Brother House!

PBB teen violence-promoting and racist singsong

It's way overdue for ABS-CBN to teach/orient the teen pinoy housemates on the borderline issues about racism. Time to make an example out of Joe. It would be nice to show the housemates real-life issues on this and its negative effects.

Maybe they should show that clip on Terry's scripted lines about Filipino doctors, Adam Carolla's joke on Filipino, and counter-point those with Joe's chant - para the HMs could reflect and be guided in discerning and handling this matter accordingly. Lesson na rin for the viewers for a change.

Patrick Louie Sugui Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Of 2010


To whom it may concern,

I don’t really know if you or anyone of you will read this, but I’ll give it a try.I have been watching Big Brother Philippines since its first launch on 2005. Since then, I have been faithfully watching PBB for the past 5 years. Every season I make sure I don’t miss a single episode and all. Thing is, today’s teen edition – Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 (Teen edition 3) have caught my attention in a negative way.

This season has been really dull right from the start. This season’s casting is not as diverse as other editions (PBB1, PBBCE1, PBBTE1, PBB2, PBBCE2, PBBTEP, and PBBDU). This season is more of a backstabbing season. I have no hopes for this season until the Teenternationals entered the Big Brother House. They may not be of the same race but they are more loved by Filipino viewers. I have been looking around Forums, Youtube, and Social Networking sites if this really applies for majority. From Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and PEX, Majority likes Teenternationals more than the Pinoy Housemates. Why? Because people are sick of the stressing events keep happening with Pinoy Housemates. They are all rude to Teenternationals and giving them the impression that they are way better than Teenternationals because they are Pinoys, which is kind of racist. I am a Filipino and this really caught my attention. What did Teenternationals do for them to just bash them for not being Filipinos? What’s the difference?

Now this is really my concern. Since Teenternationals entered the PBB House weeks ago, I have been watching Live Stream 24/7 and Primetime cut. Here is some of my concerns.

1. The spiels of Toni Gonzaga are really odd. The script is flame bait. “Sino kaya ang mas magaling? Sino kaya ang mas magaling? Si Sophia na isang Koreana? Oh si Fretzie na isang Cebuana/Filipina?” That’s not the exact words but you know what I mean. I’m like, What the F? Is it really necessary to say that? You can just simply say - who is better: Sophia or Fretzie? rather than involving their races.

2. The Primetime cut is BIAS. Yes. BIAS. As a 24/7 viewer, I know what’s really happening in the house. PBB Editors does not show the true colors of the housemates. Just like what’s happening on Villa right now. The Primetime of PBB showcases that Villa Housemates have been very good with the Kasamnanays. Which in reality, not true. When you watch 24/7 streams, they have been ignoring and always and let them do the household chores. But when I watched primetime show, Villa loves the kasamnanays and did not let the Free TV viewers know that they have been really really really using them for their sake. On the other hand, Teenternationals have been treating their kasamnanays nice and treat them like family. But they never show it on Primetime.

3. Another BIAS cut for both Primetime and UBER. Villa is so boring to watch and Apartment teens have all the fun, YET they show more of Villa. Why? Because they are Filipinos and Filipinos should be the priority?

4. PBB Management BIAS again for the weekly tasks. Big Brother sure leans to the Villa teens. Big Brother changes rules in the middle of the game. Just like what happened earlier in Live Streams. Now, Teenternationals feels that they are not loved by Big Brother the same way as Villa Housemates.

5. Backstabbing sessions. Why won’t the PBB Editors show on Primetime the Backstabbing Sessions in Villa? We are all waiting for it to come out. It’s been getting into our nerves that the public sees them as angels but in reality, they are the worst. They keep backstabbing each other especially the mastermind of backstabbing sessions, Joe and Patrick. They are getting on our nerves. Their target is usually between Tricia, Ivan, and Bret. They barely even know Bret and still, they are backstabbing someone from another house. Joe even repeatedly says that he will drown Bret to the swimming pool for no reason. Kazel and Yen also backstabs Tricia. And that is with the BO issue that is now seen in Primetime. The question is, why is the BO backstabs by Kazel and Yen came out but the Issue with Ivan and Bret didn’t make it to the Primetime viewing? Are they protecting Joe and Patrick for future reasons? BE FAIR. One more thing: please keep reminding Patrick that he has a girlfriend outside. He flirts Fretzie all the time. It’s not good for the public to see someone who has obligations outside the house flirt inside the house.

All in all, Villa Housemates (Pinoy HMs) have no match to Apartment Housemates (Teenternationals). Villa Housemates is stressing to watch. Their personalities are irritating. When they talk, they are just backstabbing behind someone’s back. They should follow the Apartment teens. When they talk, they talk about something intellectual and relevant to social issues outside. There is a quote that says "Intelligent people talk about ideas, mediocre people talk about events, dumb people talk about people."

Seriously, BE FAIR. That’s all what we want. Give exposures to housemates that deserve more exposure. Show us something nice, not to be pissed off.

And please. Pangatawanan niyo! REALITY SHOW ‘to diba? Show us their REAL self.

From your loyal viewers.